Yentzen Classic Duck Call

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In our efforts to preserve and promote the sport of waterfowl, we have formed a strong partnership with SureShot Game Calls that enables us to connect to the history of the sport while blowing a great call. The Yentzen Caller was the first designed and patented double reed duck call with reeds joined by rivets. It was designed in the 1950s by George Yentzen and James "Cowboy" Fernandez. Cowboy would go on to win the World Championship in Stuttgart, Arkansas blowing the Yentzen Caller in 1959, the first ever to win a championship using a double reed call.

This classic call is designed to the exact specifications of the 1950s Yentzen Caller. Our team got a few to test out and we loved them, so we decided to partner with SureShot and offer them to our customers through our store. It is one of our favorite calls, not to mention how neat it is to have a piece of history on your lanyard. Blow the call, learn the story, and pass on one of the great traditions of waterfowl!

All orders will receive a free Major League Fowl duck band and logo decal!