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The purpose of this blog is to highlight a few of the exciting stories that are featured on our thank you cards this fall. The photographers listed below are either staff of major league fowl, or close to our company. We hope you enjoy learning more about the guy behind the camera and the story to make the photo come to life. Once again, we cannot thank you enough for your purchase and supporting Major league Fowl

Photographer: Josiah holt

The story behind this photo is something very special to me. It was taken on a hunting trip the fall after I graduated from The University of Georgia. I had just embarked on a two week hunting trip out west, and Kansas was the second stop on my list. It was the first morning hunt with my friends at Paradise Plains and Wildrose Texas. The landscape of the Kansas fields was far different than the Georgia swamps that I had grown accustom to. The open sky allowed for much more visibility, and I marveled at the array of species overhead. 

This particular morning, I didn't even grab my gun because of how many picture opportunities there were . It was amazing to see how well trained the Wildrose Kennels retrievers were when they brought back the game. Kansas, I hope to be back soon. 



Photographer: Steve Oehlenschlager

Each year the first day of spring, is the day the first wood ducks arrive on my pond in Minnesota. This is one such image I took about 2 years ago. The very first picture I took that morning as he made his was through the frosty brush left over by some beavers.
I am fortunate to have a large wetland in my back yard that is home to large numbers of these brilliantly colored ducks. Virtually every morning in April, I make the 150-yard pilgrimage to a blind I constructed to photograph them. Nothing says relaxing like 20-30 of these little argumentative ducks, arguing for what seems hours, at distances of less than 20-50 feet. Interactions like this is what helps a bird photographer better his or her craft. With close contact, one truly begins to understand bird behavior and can then anticipate that to catch breath taking images that you would miss if you had not known it was coming. To be a great waterfowl or bird photographer and take wonderful images time after time, you have to start to visualize what you are going to take before it actually happens! The birds are telling you what they are going to do. Your job is to be ready!

IG: steve_oehlenschlager 




  • Hey Josiah,

    I just wanted you to know my kids got their hats, and I got your card. They are thrilled and love to hunt, let’s just say these were Christmas gifts that came early for them.

    I love the company and all the gear I’ve got from y’all. I’m new to duck hunting but we really enjoy it.

    We also live to make Christ known. If you ever need any help in Northwest Arkansas let us know!

    In Christ,
    Zach Stachey

    Zach Stachey
  • Appreciate the hospitality buddy, love the product! Definitely recommending the product to everyone.

    Cole Downey

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