About Us

Our organization was founded by a group of avid duck hunters that wanted to create something bigger than a recreational sport that a few people enjoy on the weekends. MLF was created to bring together waterfowlers around the globe for a common purpose: enjoying the sport through community, engaging in conservation efforts, providing waterfowl education, and passing the sport on to the next generation. Our mission is to create a community of waterfowlers to educate and promote the great sport of chasing waterfowl.

We contribute annually to the preservation of waterfowl through investing and participating in Ducks Unlimited events, Delta Waterfowl projects, and running our own events to preserve our precious wetlands. We have a team of staffers and customers around the world who actively represent MLF through the avenues of waterfowl photography, brand representation, waterfowl education, and conservation consulting. We also design and sell waterfowl apparel that helps our followers to "represent their passion."

Skies may no longer be darkened with birds, bag limits may not be enormous, and the migration may not seem to be never-ending, but one thing is for sure: the chase of waterfowl is an exhilarating pastime that spices our lives and provides nostalgic memories of whistling wings, frosty mornings, the smell of gunpowder, and wet retrievers. The task of conservation, preservation, and education lays in our hands. It is up to hunters to conserve waterfowl and the sport that cherishes them so dearly. Join us in celebrating, enjoying, and conserving our sport by repping your passion for waterfowl. A part of every MLF purchase contributes to the conservation of our wetlands and the species that inhabit them. Here’s to many more decades of chasing ducks!